• Disposal and Reuse Options for Used Sandblasting Grit
    Post time: Jun-30-2020

    Sandblasting is used to clean dirt, corrosion, paint or other coatings from a variety of surfaces. The clean grit should in most cases contain no hazardous properties. Common industries where sandblasting is applied include shipbuilding and maintenance, transportation bridge maintenance, and mili...Read more »

  • Technical Tip: Choosing the Right Garnet Abrasive
    Post time: Jun-03-2020

    Garnet as an Abrasive Garnet has been used for decades as an abrasive in waterjet cutting and sand blasting because of its superior physical properties. When added to high pressure streams of water, garnet abrasive is capable of cutting through tough materials including steel, aluminum, stone, an...Read more »

  • Why Do Most Waterjet Machines Use Garnet as an Abrasive?
    Post time: May-21-2020

    Abrasives make up one of the most important components in the waterjet cutting process. While a pure waterjet (without abrasives) can cut softer materials like foam and rubber, adding an abrasive substance enhances the jet’s cutting capability — to the point where you can cut glass, steel, and a ...Read more »

  • ISO Certified Once Again
    Post time: May-13-2020

    China bosun abrasive is proud to announce that we are ISO Certified once again. After completing the demanding administrative requirements for ISO Certification we are ISO 9001 Certified. The scope of our ISO Certification covers the produce and service of abrasive media. the certification cert...Read more »

  • Properties and Applications of Abrasive Blast Media
    Post time: Apr-20-2020

    China Bosun supplies a wide varierty of Abrasives for blasting, cleaning and stripping primers, paints, powder coating, enamels, rust and scale from steel, bronze, aluminum, stone, brick, wood, rubber, plastics, and composites. Soft Abrasives such as Walnut Shells, Plastic Blast Media and Corn...Read more »

  • Global Industrial Garnet Market
    Post time: Apr-07-2020

    Garnet is mined as both gemstones and as a material used across industries. High hardness and angular fractures of the garnet has made it viable for various industrial uses such as waterjet abrasive and filtration medium. Maximum use of garnet is found in waterjet cutting followed by abrasive bla...Read more »

  • Global Cut Wire Shot Market
    Post time: Apr-02-2020

    The global cut wire shot market is expected to grow from USD 921.65 million in 2019 to USD 1269.65 million by 2027, at a CAGR of 4.07% during the forecast period from 2020-2027. Cut wire shot is a mono gain size abrasive, which is used for cleaning, tumbling, and peening. It has a cylindrical sha...Read more »

  • Sandblasting Media Market size is expected to reach USD 441.9 million by 2023
    Post time: Aug-15-2016

    2016-08-15 Sandblasting Media Market size is anticipated to grow at 6.5% CAGR from 2016 to 2023. Global sandblasting media market size, in volume terms, is set to grow at just under 6% CAGR. U.S. sandblasting media market size is to exceed USD 96 million by 2023. Robotic blasting systems are incr...Read more »

  • Silica-Free Abrasives for Blast Cleaning
    Post time: Dec-28-2015

    2015-12-28 Abrasives are commonly used in a wide variety of industrial processes including the shaping and finishing of components made from various materials such as wood, glass, concrete, plastic, stone, iron, steel, super-alloys and non- ferrous metals, and more exotic products such as jewels,...Read more »

  • Peening Technology
    Post time: Dec-15-2015

    2015-12-15 Shot peening is a cold working process that is used for developing a compressive layer and helps in modifying the mechanical properties of a metal. We use shot peening media as a tool to operate on this technology. It should be spherical and broken and uneven particle of this media tha...Read more »

  • Bonded Abrasives Market: Global Industry Analysis
    Post time: Aug-28-2015

    2015-08-28 An abrasive is a material that when rubbed against a surface, produces the desired surface finish and shape. Abrasives are usually minerals that are often available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and types. They are usually used to clean, grind, scour, abrade or remove the solid mate...Read more »

  • Different types and information of Shot Blasting
    Post time: Aug-12-2015

    2015-08-12 Blasting is defined as the process of forecasting the propellant on the surface of the metal surface polishing or foreign savings from the surface to remove. The extent of the blasting is to determine the degree of foreign deposits in the metal surface. Mainly is the process of blastin...Read more »

  • Cut Wire Shot
    Post time: Jul-22-2015

    2015-07-22 Manufactured from high quality wire, each particle is cut to a length about equal to its diameter. If required, the particles are conditioned (rounded) to remove the sharp corners produced during the cutting process. Strict Quality Control procedures are required to be able to manufact...Read more »

  • Steel Cut Wire Shot Export to Poland
    Post time: Dec-10-2013

    Content: In November 2013, our company exports 24 tons of steel cut wire shot to Poland market. Through this cooperation with clients, we established a long-term cooperation with the customers by excellent product quality and professional service.   Read more »

  • Bosun turns to the class A management enterprise
    Post time: Dec-20-2012

    2012-12-20 In December 2012, Shanghai bosun abrasive co., LTD successfully turns to class A management enterprise of the People’s Republic of China customs. Shanghai Bosun Abrasive company won the customs A class management enterprise qualification, it proved the perfect basic management an...Read more »

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